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Umami is a Tezos wallet that combines best-in-class features to deliver a smooth user experience for both beginner and advanced users.

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Built from experience

Umami Wallet is actively developed and managed by the wallet team working at Trilitech. The team is currently pursuing improvements to the UI and will be releasing v2 of the application in the coming months.

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Supported: Windows, MacOS, Linux



Multiple Accounts

With Umami, you can organize your holdings on several accounts, making it easier to manage all your Tezos accounts in one place.


Umami wallet lets you easily send, receive and even batch token transactions - convenience and performance at your fingertips.

Batch Convenience

One of the more powerful features of Umami is the ability to batch your transactions, making quick work of repetitive or routine high-volume transactions.

Easy Delegation

Put your tez to work for you easily by quickly setting up delegation to your baker of choice.

DApp Integration

Seemlessly integrate with a number of supported DApps, so that they and your Umami wallet work as one.


Connect your hardware wallet. Enjoy the benefits of hardened security.


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